Shake Rattle and Roll X
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Directed by
  • Michael Tuviera
  • Topel Lee
Distributed by

Regal Film

Released Date December 25 2008

Shake, Rattle & Roll X (also known as, Shake, Rattle and Roll 10) is a Filipino horror suspense in three acts from Regal Films. It is the tenth installment of the Shake, Rattle & Roll film series. It was also distributed by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Regal Multimedia, Inc. It was an official entry in the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival.[2][3]The film received the Festival Award for the Best Child Performer, which is Robert Villar. Shake Rattle and roll 10 was also named the No.1 horror movie of the year because of Topel Lee's CLASSPICTURE episode it is also known to be the one who renewed asian films.The movie is one of most succesful SRR movie for it's unique Directing



Shake Rattle & Roll X opens the curtains of the first episode: Emergency. JC De Vera and Roxanne Guinoo head the cast as Jay and Dr. Sarah respectively. Here, they will face the wrath of the aswangs which will be led by the cast of Cinemalaya Best Actress Mylene Dizon and Gawad Urian awardee Wendell Ramos. Also with them are Janus Del Prado, Eri Neeman, Denise Laurel, John Lapus and Mr. Cris Daluz.

The full moon looms high one windy night. Jay (JC De Vera) and Dennis (Janus Del Prado) were traveling along a dark highway. They accidentally ran over a pregnant woman (Mylene Dizon) crossing the street. They saw that she has a miscarriage and they immediately carried her to the hospital.

The mysterious woman was not the only patient that night. There was a gay named Julius (John Lapus) who was complaining about fever, an English-speaking man named Eric (Eri Neeman) who keeps whining about the hospital's defective apparatus and a "tortured" and badly injured man who immediately recognized the woman. He attempted to swipe her with his whip, but, it only lead to his death.

Dr. Sarah (Roxanne Guinoo) took charge for the ultrasound of the woman. During the examination, a very eerie sound wailed through the air. They discovered that the infant died while inside the woman's womb. Meanwhile, Sarah went to the bathroom where it was revealed that she was pregnant.

The woman then was transferred into an isolated room. The hospital's head doctor became skeptical about the true nature of the woman. They speculated that she might not be human, He decided to promote this idea, a thing that enraged Sarah.

Back into the isolated room, the woman had a dream of a man beating her with a magic whip: it was the same man who attempted her life as mentioned earlier. She gave a very shrill cry; a scream that gave evidence she was not human but an aswang (vampire in Filipino mythology). Together with her husband (Wendell Ramos), who was also an aswang, along with their race, they seek vengeance on humans, ready to invade the hospital. The hospital tenants brace themselves for the incoming attack.

Jay became aware of the events happening outside. He, Sarah and the others immediately evacuate to the upper floors as the aswangs relentlessly break in, killing patients including Julius and Erick. The others hid in the stock room while Jay rescued a young girl from the Aswang Wife.

Dennis, who had been separated from the team, discovered that dextrose can kill the aswangs. He was proven wrong: holy water can. They formulated a plan: Jay and Sarah will ward the beasts off while Father Miguel (Cris Daluz) and Dennis will bless the water tank with holy water.

Sarah and Jay were trapped in a locked corridor, with the beasts in pursuit. They used the defibrillator to electrify the beasts. At that moment, Father Miguel and Dennis reached the tank, and Sarah jokingly revealed to Jay that she was pregnant.

At this point, The aswangs morphs into more powerful creatures and launched their final attack. The two confronted the aswangs, while Father Miguel blesses the water in the tank turning it into holy water, they use this to kill off their aswang pursuers.

Class PictureEdit

Supposedly the most horrible weekend of their lives, Joy (Kim Chiu), Lui (Gerald Anderson) and their friends were assigned to prepare an exhibit in exchange for their organization's suspension. On their first night, one of them disappeared without a trace: Nicole (Niña Jose).

As the night deepens, as told by Joy, she picked a mysterious class picture nicknamed "Rubi 1898" in the stock room. What they did not know that this picture was cursed.

The second incident of this picture being involved was when Blue (Eda Nolan) and Pinky (IC Mendoza) dumped the trash. Blue took a look at the nun in the picture: it suddenly smiled. Suddenly, she was unknowingly captured by someone or something and she, too, vanished.

Joy discovered something in a classroom building: "No me mires fijamente" (Do not stare). The gang researched the yearbooks for information and found that the "Rubi" was a section and was supervised by Sister Maria Belonia (Jean Garcia). The mystery to solve goes as this: Three students, namely Crisel, Sabel, and Adela were the missing students of Rubi section. In vengeance, Belonia must seek three students from them: Nicole, who found the picture in the first place, Blue, who scanned a look at it, and Joy, who accidentally looked at the nun.Then Joy was captured by Sr. Maria Belonia.

The chase began. It was revealed that Sister Belonia tortures students for being disobedient. For this, the trio (Crisel, Sabel, and Adela) wrote a letter to their mother superior; for her actions, Belonia was fired and kicked out of San Selino (this later explains why she utter the words often). In return, she committed suicide and swore that she will complete her picture.

Lui and Greg (Prince Stefan) chased Joy who was now clad in an old school uniform. The final confrontation took place in the auditorium. Belonia reappeared and was ready to take Joy; Lui tried to tear the picture but it proved impervious.

Surprisingly, the ghosts of Crisel, Sabel and Adela reappeared too and tore the picture apart, vanishing Belonia from the living world. Seeing the problem is gone, they finished the exhibit, but were suspended for unexplainable loss of their classmates, a fact that made their school status parallel to Sis. Belonia, Crisel, Sabel, and Adela.


Nieves (Nye-ves) (Marian Rivera) is a happy-go-lucky but a fierce Engkantolarya (Engkanto slayer). While on a walk at the forest one day, she was pursued by an engkanto, Hagnaya (Marco Alcaraz). Saying that she has got no crush on him, she vanished the poor engkanto away.

It was revealed that Nieves lives with her husband Adonis (Mike Nacua), a handsome man, and an engkanto heartthrob. But one stormy night, the young man was intentionally kidnapped by an engkanto. With this, Nieves formally resigned her job.

Meanwhile, a family from Manila spends their vacation in a new house bounded by a large tree. Celso (Mart Escudero), however, was hypnotized and was forced to cut the tree thus creating a new problem for his family.

Junie (Robert Villar), Celso's little nephew, went to see Nieves along with a young girl named Kaysee (Jennica Garcia) after gaining information from Aling Tasing (Malou Crisologo). However, Nieves reluctantly welcomes them, but after seeing a begging Junie, she offered them to be trained as soon as possible.

Their first lesson is to free celso from being petrified, as Junie does the spell,objects in the house start to move violently, Kaysee punches the incoming objects into pieces,and mysteriously has no hand injuries,seeing Junie getting nervous doing the spell,Kaysee calms him down,but objects are still moving violently.with celso no longer petrified Kaysee hugs Junie successfully completing their first task.

Kaysee and Junie trekked back to Nieves's home when they were welcomed by the townsfolk, complaining about the new attacks of dwarves, elves, kapres, etc. The engkantolarya, still reluctant to resume her job, finally agreed to continue her post.

Junie's parents (Luis Alandy and Desiree Del Valle) seek help from Nieves when something happened wrong again: Celso fell ill once more, this time, his illness worsened. Nieves explained why the young man fell ill: he cut the tree in the backyard, which was the home of Hagnaya and his wife, Wai Lana (Iwa Moto). It was also revealed that the voice that entranced Celso was the engkanto queen herself, Acacia (Diana Zubiri).

Nieves negotiated with Wai Lana and Hagnaya personally, explaining that Celso did not mean to cut down the tree and offered them that she will help find their new home. On the contrary, Kaysee, who went with a walk with Junie one day, revealed herself as Acacia.

Sensing danger, Junie ran to Nieves and told her what he saw. The engkanto slayer was given a special suit blessed by the good engkantos. As they speak, Acacia ensnared the townsfolk to her lair.

Nieves confronted Acacia while Junie healed the townsfolk from entrancement. As the two ladies fight, it was revealed that Acacia had Adonis held hostage in a hill. In anger, the engkanto queen tortured the engkantolarya mercilessly. Enraged, the young slayer threw a repellent in the air while Junie hit it with his sling-stone, killing Acacia in the process.

With Adonis back, Nieves and the townsfolk rejoiced.



Class Picture

with special participation of



  • During The Emergency episode, A Patient is taken to Room 10. The Room number was referencing the title of the movie.
  • In the segment, "Class Picture", During the shoot of the scene where Blu and Pinky was about to throw the trash, A mysterious girl appeared behind Pinky. IC Mendoza said That was impossible to happen because the cast and crew were loitering in front both of them. (Creepy) As seen on the Making of SRR X.
  • The Emergency episode is related to "Patient X" and "SRR 2's Aswang".
  • This is the 6th film to be included a child wonder.
  • A Lot of GMA Stars casts in this film.
  • Eugene Domingo was originally tapped to lead the Nieves segment, as she was the personal choice of director Michael Tuviera. But a misunderstanding between Eugene's manager Ricky Gallardo and producer Lily Y. Monteverde over alleged talent fee prompted the actress to pull out from the project. With this, Monteverde banned Eugene from her production, thus she was also pulled out from her other Regal project, Desperadas 2.
  • Marian Rivera replaced Eugene Domingo. BJ Forbes, who was supposed to play the sidekick, was also replaced with Robert Villar who was the personal choice of Marian. Marian wanted Robert to be her sidekick since they have previously worked in Dyesebel.
  • I.C. Mendoza was supposed to be included in the cast.
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