Shake Rattle and Roll VII
Directed by
  • Uro Dela Cruz
  • Rico Maria Illarde
  • Richard Somes
Distributed by

Regal Films

Released Date

December 25, 2005

Preceeded by Shake Rattle & Roll VI
Followed by Shake Rattle & Roll VIII

Shake, Rattle & Roll 2k5 (also known as Shake, Rattle & Roll VII, or Shake, Rattle, & Roll 7) is a 2005 horror film released in the Philippines. This is the seventh installment from its series Shake, Rattle & Roll. It is also an official entry in 31st Metro Manila Film Festival.



A fake occultist retires from the business of communicating with the dead when her last job goes terribly wrong. But when a wealthy promises the ispiritista a huge fee to contact Gloria's dead grandson. After the Ispiritista asks Lola to have coffee, Lola says that he wants to talk to his grandson the next day because it will be the anniversary of his grandson's death. Lucas was killed by the poso after washing his face with the water of poso. The Ispiritista


A family, who have just moved into a new condo unit, is terrorized by a creature lurking in an aquarium left behind by the previous tenants. Janice (Ara Mina) and her husband Benjie (Ogie Alcasid) along with her son Paul (Paul Salas), Aciana (Wilma Doesn't) their maid and Alex (Reggie Curley) their plumber. Janice become suspicious why the aquarium has a creature lurking. One day, when Benjie leaves, an old lady (Lui Manansala) warns Janice to not touch the aquarium before she closes the door.

When midnight comes, Alex goes to bed, but he is caught by the aquarium and killed. Janice and Benjie can't find Alex. When Janice goes to the aquarium, she screams when see blood on the aquarium. Janice tries to tell Benjie, but when they come, there is no blood. Janice becomes suspicious of the aquarium with blood realizing it was Alex when he was killed.

When Paul's food is in his room, Aciana takes the food. The old lady appears as she closes the door. When Janice tries to see the aquarium, the old lady appeares again and warns not to touch the aquarium. The old lady killed Alex that she is the one who cursed herself that she will killed if people will go near the aquarium.

When midnight comes, Janice and Benjie are still in the mall and leave Paul with Aciana. The old lady tries to kill Paul as he takes a bath, but Aciana comes and save him. He calls Benjie but does not receive an answer, while she calls Janice. After Janice answers, she says that the old lady was trying to kill Paul. Paul and Aciana go to their home. When Aciana sees the old lady and the aquarium near them, both the old lady and the aquarium kill Aciana. However, she has a rosary making the aquarium weak. At home, Aciana tells Janice and Benjie that the rosary or cross can kill because she knows that a murder happened. She curses herself to worship the devil. Benjie tries to put the rosary on the aquarium, so the woman goes to the afterlife and the aquarium is killed. When Janice and Benjie leave, the old lady appears and warns not to touch the aquarium.

Lihim ng San JoaquinEdit

A married couple tried settling on a village, so isolated that even the carabao cart driver refused to enter, leaving them to walk to the town on their own. They were then welcomed by the villagers, who, unbeknownst to them are Aswangs. They fended off Aswangs per suggestion of a human who became a slave to the aswangs. They eventually exit the village, but not after killing aswangs, including the leader.




Lihim ng San JoaquinEdit


  • Iza Calzado, Oyo Boy Sotto and Dennis Trillo were initially tapped to be in the cast. However, because of commitments in other film festival entries, they were eventually dropped.
  • Maryo J. De los Reyes was initially tapped to direct one of the segments.
  • There is also an alternate title of SRR 2k5. It's called "Shake Rattle and Roll 7".
  • The title is "Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5" because it would be better than SRR 7.
  • Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5 is the 1st SRR of the new generation of SRR films.

    Alternate Title for Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5

  • This is the 4th film to be included a child wonder.
  • The film is chosen as one of the films in the "Magic 7" for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2005.
  • Maryo J. De Los Reyes was initially tapped to direct one of the segment.
  • This is the directorial debut of Richard Somes.
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