Shake Rattle and Roll VI
Shake Rattle and Roll VI
Directed by
Maurice Carvajal
Frank Rivera
Anton Juan
Produced by
Lily Monteverde
Distributed by
Regal Films and MAQ Productions

Camille Prats
Aiza Seguerra
Tonton Guitterez
Release Date
January 1997
Running Time
1 hour

Shake, Rattle & Roll VI is the sixth installment of the Shake Rattle & Roll franchise. It was distributed by Regal Films. It is directed by Maurice Carvajal, Anton Juan & Frank Rivera. This film is not an entry of the Metro Manila Film Festival as other installments.



Her parents are fighting, a neglected child named Jennifer finds solace in watching her brand new TV. Mr. Boo the clown exited on the TV and invites Jennifer into his world. When Jennifer refuses to go Mr. Boo takes her and bring her to the TV.


The ghost of Mauro was the only connection between three teenage girls.  The three girls must find a way to put the boy's soul to rest


Manrey is a college student. Unfortunately, mysterious deaths began and suspicion flew through the air that the culprit was a girl named Luna who was transforming into a monster during a full moon. However, the girl falls in love with Manrey. At the end Manrey learns a lesson for loving a woman

Cast And CreditsEdit


  • Cast:
    • Camille Pratts as Jennifer
    • Joanne Quintas as Mabel
    • Daniel Pasia as Mr Boo
    • John Apacible as Emil
    • Bobby Benitez as Sammy
  • Director: Maurice Carvajal
  • Writer: Tony Perez


  • Cast:
    • Aiza Seguerra as Lilian
    • Ara Mina as Sunny
    • Matet De Leon as Marice
    • Tom Taus as Mauro
    • Kiko Villamayor as Jun Jun
    • Melissa Mendez as Marice's mother
  • Director: Frank Rivera
  • Writer: Tony Perez


  • Cast:
    • Tonton Gutierrez as Manrey
    • Georgia Ortega as Luna
    • Roy Alvarez as Ben
    • Raymond Keannu as Robert
    • Tanya Iwakawa as young Luna
    • Rustica Carpio as elder Luna
  • Director: Anton Juan
  • Writer: Tony Perez


  • This is the 3rd film to be include a child wonder.
  • This is the 1st film to be include an evil villain clown.
  • Mr. Boo is similar to Harley Quinn, Joker & The Riddler from Batman franchise with a twist of The Voilator from Spawn franchise .
  • This is the 1st time Manilyn Reynes didn't included on this film.
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