Shake Rattle and Roll Fourteen: The Invasion

Official Poster

Directed by

Chito S. Rono

Distributed by

Regal Films

Released Date December 25 2012

Shake Rattle and Roll Fourteen: The Invasion is a sci-fi horror anthology film directed by Chito S. Roño. The film stars an ensemble cast including Lovi Poe, Dennis Trillo, Vhong Navarro, Eric Tai, Janice De Belen, Herbert Bautista, Paolo Avelino, Ella Cruz, Makisig Morales.

The film is produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. It was chosen as a part of annual Metro Manila Film Festival and was shown on December 25, 2012 in Philippine cinemas.


Pamana Edit

3-PAMANA001-jpg 090618

Four cousins: an emigrant, narcissistic Myra (Janice de Belen), eloquent Faye (Arlene Muhlach) and former clergyman Donald (Herbert Bautista) gather in their late uncle's house to get their inheritance of 5 million pesos each. Their uncle's butler told them if one of them dies within a month, his/her inheritance goes to the others. Each of them were given the responsibility of taking care of a comic book written by their uncle. The cousins show no interest to their comic books, except Donald, and throw it away. Meanwhile, their emigrant cousin was killed by Filomena, a malakat from one of his uncle's comics.

They return to their uncle's house only to find out the butler had died. At the strike of midnight, the characters in the comics came to life. Donald, with help from Rosalda, a ghostly pianist, had discovered there was an even stronger character, Buboy ang Munting Diablo. Buboy kills them one by one.

When morning came, it was only Myra and her daughter, Gladys, who survived. They rushed out of the house. When they got into a taxi, Myra's stepson, Filemon, follows and gives Myra four checks worth 5 million pesos each. It was actually Buboy who had impersonated Filemon who gave her the checks. As they leave, the taxi radio announces the imminent arrival of the plane carrying Benigno Aquino, Jr.

Lost Command Edit

4-LOST-COMMAND-jpg 090623
Members of the Philippine Army's Special Unit 21 led by 1Lt. Bert Garces (Rommel Padilla) and MSgt. Martin Barrientos (Dennis Trillo) are sent on a mission to counter insurgencies in the remote jungles of Mindanao perpetrated by a certain Kapitan Baltog, leader of a lost command squad now known as Alsa Puersa.

Following the insurgents' trail, the group goes to Barangay Pototan where Barrientos meets Bunag (Makisig Morales), a local who claims "undead soldiers" were "recruiting" his father. An unexpected encounter leaves a third of the platoon missing including Garces as the insurgents abducted them. Barrientos decides to rescue Garces and the others, despite Corp. Upaon's (Paulo Avelino) suggestion to notify base and get back-up. Bunag volunteers to become the group's guide.

The group later encounters the blind Linda (Ella Cruz) in the forest and offers to lead them to her father, leader of a group fighting what she confirms to be zombies. Upaon voices his doubts, and could neither radio base nor convince Barrientos to go back. 1Pvt. Conde (Martin Escudero), meanwhile, voices his support of Barrientos' decision not to abandon their teammates so they push on ahead to a part of the forest that not even Bunag was familiar with.

Linda's father (Ronnie Lazaro) turns out to be a zombie, and has been using his daughter to bring in the unsuspecting new "recruits". An undead Garces shows up, revealing he has retained his intellect and urges the remaining soldiers to join the "new army". Barrientos and his men put up a gallant but short-lived stand causing them to become captives.

Upaon finally manages to radio for back-up before being dragged away by a zombie as Barrientos regains consciousness and meets a zombified vigilante named Col. Rolando Palma (Roi Vinzon), revealing himself to be Kapitan Baltog. He formed the Alsa Puersa, aiming to replace the current army starting with the zombified Special Unit 21. Palma also explains he was zombified somehow due to tainted food provisions. Refusing to accept defeat after being surrounded by the undead, Barrientos manages to rescue Upaon after detonating a nearby cache. However, he is forced to euthanize Upaon who has begun to change after being forced to consume tainted meat.

Meanwhile, Conde narrowly escapes his zombified platoon and finds Barrientos. The two try to escape but get separated along the way. Conde ends up encountering a soldier who can seemingly change into a normal human, and the outcome is left unknown. Barrientos, on the other hand, encounters Linda's father who offers to help him escape in exchange for getting Linda out of the forest. He explains the zombies are somehow unable to cross bodies of water, so he pushes Barrientos into a nearby river before being mauled by the zombified soldiers. Barrientos is found and rescued by an Army helicopter due to Upaon's earlier distress call.

As Barrientos recuperates in a military hospital ward, the nurse informs him that he is not the only survivor of his unit. Garces and Upaon are seen in the beds next to his, revealing that they too can morph. The ending scene shows a zombified soldier attacking a nurse.

Unwanted Edit

5-UNWANTED-jpg 090626

Deleted Scene

Hank (Vhong Navarro) and his pregnant girlfriend Kate (Lovi Poe) goes to SM Mall of Asia to retrieve their gift for their parents to announce their engagement. Hank leaves Kate outside the gift shop to get their gift. As Hank began to retrieve his gift, a sudden explosion shakes and destroys the mall.

Hank soon finds himself trapped in the mall's wreckage along with other survivors: Neil, Tom, and his niece Ming. Hank is worried about Kate being separated and due to the fact that she's pregnant. The four survivors begin to search for other survivors but they encounter something strange.

After encountering an electric eel-like alien electrocuting anything on its path, they begin to speculate that a colony of sea creature-like aliens caused the explosion. Soon after, they encounter a lobster-like alien, which kills Neil.

The trio begin to make their way through the wreckage, and after some time, finds Kate, injured and traumatized by what she saw earlier. Ming then hears many survivors in the corner. When a survivor runs towards them, he tells them an unknown alien is chasing him. The survivor then flees. Then the alien appears. Tom tries to fight it off, but is killed when the head of the alien jumps on top of him. The alien's body, headless, begins chasing Hank, Kate, and Ming. They outrun it. Soon, they see a teenager crying. When they approach it, they realize it's a trap. A lobster alien appears using the teenager as bait for luring survivors. The alien kills Ming and the teenager. Hank and Kate flee.

They encounter a steward. As he is the only one who knows the emergency exits, they take him with them. A small lobster alien chases them, but is killed when Ren (Carlo Aquino) shoots the alien with a shotgun. Ren was a robber who was arrested earlier by security guards but when the mall was hit by the explosion, took the opportunity to take the guards' shotgun. The four of them saw a hooded figure in the dark. They follow it. Then they eventually see that the hooded figure is the leader of the aliens. The aliens' mothership tries to suck everyone in it. The steward is sucked and is killed inside the ship. Ren tries to shoot the leader but clones into many whenever he shoots it. The trio flee. Inside a kiddie arcade, they encounter the lobster aliens and the Alpha Lobster alien who is bigger and covered in spikes. Ren stays behind buying Hank and Kate some time. Ren kills as many as he can but is eventually killed by the Alpha. Hank and Kate make their way outside the mall, overlooking the chaos and destruction the aliens brought upon the city of Manila, which has become infested with aliens. The deceased survivors: Neil, Tom, Ming, the Steward, and Ren, all turned aliens, appear behind the couple. The transformed aliens tells them that Hank and Kate are the only ones left of their kind, and that they will start a new world, a new generation, infested with aliens.

Cast Edit

Pamana Edit

  • Janice de Belen as Myra
  • Herbert Bautista as Donald
  • Empress as Cynthia
  • Dennis Padilla as Benjie
  • Arlene Muhlach as Faye
  • Snooky Serna as Rosalda
  • Dimples Romana as Filomena
  • Gerald Pesigan as Felimon
  • Ivan Dorschner as Emerson
  • Fabio Ide as Kon de Nado
  • Anna Vicente as Gladys
  • Eri Neeman as Benedict
  • Rain Papa as Buboy ang Munting Diablo

Lost Command Edit

  • Dennis Trillo as Master Sgt. Martin Barrientos
  • Paulo Avelino as Corp. Lamberto Upaon
  • Martin Escudero as Private Solomon Conde
  • Ella Cruz as Linda
  • Rommel Padilla
  • Alex Castro as Private Hilario Tabios
  • JC Tiuseco as Private First Class Tomas Pugeda
  • Makisig Morales as Bunag
  • AJ Dee
  • Chris Pasturan
  • Benz Sangalang
  • Ronnie Lazaro

Unwanted Edit

  • Vhong Navarro as Hank
  • Lovi Poe as Kate
  • Eula Caballero as Ming
  • Albie Casino as Neil
  • Carlo Aquino as Rex
  • Eric Tai as Tom
  • Chokoleit 
  • Jairus Aquino 
  • Sharlene San Pedro as young Kate 
Award Giving Body
Category Recipient(s) and Nominee(s) Result
Best Child Performer Gerald Pesigan (Pamana) Nominee
Best Visual Effects Imaginary Friends & Blackburst inc.


Best Original Story Ricky Lee (Pamana) Nominee 
Best Supporting Actress Arlene Muhlach (Pamana) Nominee
Best Actor Herbert Bautista (Pamana) Nominee 
Best Actress  Janice De Belen (Pamana) Nominee 
Best Director  Chito S. Rono 


Production Gallery Edit

Home Media Release Edit

The DVD and CD was released on March 2013.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 1st time Paulo Avellino appears in the SRR Franchise.
  • This is the 1st time Ella Cruz appears in the SRR Franchise.
  • This is the 1st time Makisig Morales appears in the SRR Franchise.
  • This is the 1st time Vhong Navarro appears in the SRR Franchise.
  • Unlike the past SRR films, The 3 episodes of this film are only directed by one director: Chito S.Rono.
  • This is the first SRR that uses words for the number of the installment for the poster.
  • This is the 1st SRR that focuses on soldiers.
  • This is the first SRR which had a highlight. ("The Invasion")
  • In this installment the actors are from 3 major rival networks 
  • The movie was entitiled the Invasion because of the theme of this year's SRR, "Aliens", "Zombies" and people do believe that this creatures are the one who will invades us.
  • This is the 1st SRR that includes an alien.
  • This is the 1st SRR that includes a vampire.
  • This is the 1st SRR that includes a sci-fi theme.
  • The 1st episode "Pamana" is written by Ricky Lee who also wrote the movie "Himala"
  • This is the most expensive SRR ever made.
  • This is the 2nd SRR to be rated GP.
  • In this film, The opening credits of Regal Entertainment was different among the other Regal movies. The film used the old logo of Regal Entertainment for the opening credits. Shake Rattle and Roll Fourteen was considered special because of the usage of the old logo.
  • Shake Rattle and Roll XIV is the 1st SRR installment to win the "Best Visual Effects" (Imaginary Friends & Blackburst)
  • Some of the cast are present at the Premiere Night of the movie. Absentees: Janice De Belen, Empress, Arlene Muhlach, Ivan Dorschener, Fabio Ide, JC Tiuseco, Makisig Morales, AJ Dee, Lovi Poe, Albie Casino & Chokoleit.
  • At the Premiere Night, On the start of the screening of the movie, Ella Cruz and Eula Caballero made it to catch up and watch the movie. (Late) 
  • In this installment, Regal Multimedia Incorporated (RMMI) wasn't given to much credit in the movie, Unlike the past Installment they give RMMI credits, Now in SRR XIV, RMMI is just located at the poster of the movie and not in the opening credits of the movie.
  • At the Gabi Ng Parangal 38th Metro Manila Film Festival the SRR franchise was given a tribute for marking history in Philippine Films.
  • The 3 episodes of Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion included the prop of Grandfather clock.
  • Unlike any other SRR film poster, the poster of The Invasion was color blue instead of the usually used red and black.
  • Shake Rattle & Roll 14: The Invasion was able to surpass Shake Rattle & Roll 9, SRR 9 68 million pesos vs SRR 14 79.9 million, Shake Rattle & Roll 14 is now the highest grossing SRR Installment in the series.
  • Shake Rattle & Roll 14 is in Top 11 of the highest grossing films in the Philippines in 2012. Followed by the Strangers.
  • Carla Abellana and Iza Calzado were among those listed in the original cast. Both were did not appear on the film.
  • This installment features the comeback of Janice de Belen and Herbert Bautista which both starred in past Shake, Rattle and Roll installments, especially Shake, Rattle and Roll 1 which included both of them but in different episodes. Arlene Muhlach is the third in the cast who was also in the first movie.
  • SM Mall of Asia is the mall where the cast of "Unwanted" shoot.
  • This film brings some homage to previous SRR films.
    • Pamana is set in the 1980s wherein the first Shake Rattle and Roll was premiered. **Filomena's appearance is similar to Yaya of Shake Rattle and Roll 3.
    • When Tianak comes out from the tub, it gives an allusion to Undin of Shake Rattle and Roll 3, also comes out from a bathroom set.
    • Kon de nado is similar to Andres of Shake Rattle and Roll 5.
    • The Aswang/Zombie soldiers brings an allusion to the Tamawos of Shake Rattle and Roll 13.
    • In the scene Janice de Belen holds the refridgerator briefly echoes the scene Pridyider (also starred by Janice de Belen) from Shake Rattle and Roll.
  • This is the last installment of the franchise, Mother Lily referred that she is looking for new movies and wants to start a new franchise than Shake Rattle and Roll, Mother Lily stated that she is sad but she promised that the artists and directors will make a big impact on the future.
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