Shake Rattle and Roll 8
Directed by
  • Mike Tuviera
  • Rahyan Carlos
  • Topel Lee
Distributed by

Regal Films

Released Date

December 25, 2006

Shake, Rattle and Roll 8 is a 2006 horror film and an entry for the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival. The film is the 8th installment of the Rattle And Roll Shake, Rattle & Roll series and contains three segments.


13th FloorEdit

Twenty years ago, to be exact, October 14, 1986, an orphanage was burned down by fire triggered by candle. Many of the orphans died including their matron. Now, October 14, 2006, twenty years have passed; this is where the home of a girl named Alex (Krystal Reyes) resides.

One day, her parents Digna (Isay Alvarez) and Oscar (Robert Seña) hired a group of birthday planners to organize a birthday party in their suite. The party organizers led by Sonny (Bearwin Meily) and Marge (Keanna Reeves) went to the condo and examined the place. As soon as they entered, they began to feel the presence of lost souls; they felt this especially when they rode the elevator.

Upon stepping at Alex's suite, the group began to feel eerie things. Dismissing it, they started to organize the party. After inviting a couple of children, they happily started Alex's birthday. Unknown to any of them, the children they invited were the lost souls of the children who died in the aforementioned fire.

The presence of the souls disrupted the party and the chase began. The spirits manifested themselves altogether and the original 14th floor where the party was held was changed to 13. After the chase, the lost souls reappeared in the form of ghosts of children. The former Matron Jene explained them that Alex herself has a connection to them: the fire happened at Oct.14, 1986 while Alex was born in the same floor where she [Jene] died ten years later, Oct. 15, 1996.


Benjo (Nash Aguas) is a very mischievous boy and a prankster. After sending many nannies packing, his mother Grace (Sheryl Cruz) had to hire a new one again. This time, Benjo must promise he won't prank her again.

One day, Grace had finally hired a new nanny: Cecil (Iza Calzado). Benjo becomes suspicious about Cecil; this evidence was shown when Benjo's dog Toby started to bark mad at the nanny. Grace insisted to Benjo to calm down.

During Cecil's tenure, Benjo became more suspicious and watchful. What he feared came one evening: he himself witnessed Cecil who was about to eat his little baby sister with her long tongue. Still, the boy obeyed his mother not to say anything.

Benjo, however, won't give up just like that. He sought help from his teacher Mel (TJ Trinidad). He told Mr. Mel everything about his new nanny being a vampire and the attempt that happened last night to his sister. The teacher told Benjo the only weapon to repel aswangs: garlic.

One night, the full moon loomed high and what the household feared came: it was time for Cecil's transformation to an aswang. Benjo remembered everything what Teacher Mel had said. After a big fight, Benjo thrusted garlic to the aswang, killing it. Grace arrived at the scene


After a hard and busy day, thirteen commuters took the last trip of the Manila LRT Purple Line at nearly midnight. Since it was nearly midnight, they were the last passengers of the train for the day.

While relaxing inside the cozy train cars, Jean (Manilyn Reynes) met her long lost ex-boyfriend Cesar (Kempee De Leon), who according to him, they last saw each other since they were college. Jean introduced her son, Jimmy (Quintin Alianza). As they were chanting, the passengers were further annoyed by a female deacon Lita (Eugene Domingo) who preaches verses from the bible.

As they traverse into an abandoned station, they saw that the gate were closed .Minutes crawled by. Annoyed, the passengers decided to find a telephone.

As they find a telephone, something pulled one of the passengers. When they found him, his heart is pulled out: Someone or something was lurking in the station, apparently a monster who eats human hearts. Another passenger was swiped away by that someone. Alarmed the passengers make their way back to the train.

In a worse turn of fate, that something appeared out of nowhere: it was a hideous and foul eyeless monster. It further killed many more. This monster, vigilant and strong-sensed, forgave no one as it hunt down the passengers, save for Jimmy, Jean and Cesar, one by one.

After several desperate tries of finding an emergency exit, the remaining survivors Jean, Cesar and Jimmy, found an emergency exit. Shortly after climbing down from the station tower, Cesar pledges his still-living love for Jean. He urged Jimmy and Jean to run while he wards the monster off. After a long fight, Cesar, too, was killed.

Authorities arrived immediately. The terrible truth was unveiled: The monster is the mutant son of their boss (implied to be their chief), and that the passengers on the last train every night are being set up to be the food of the monster, with any survivors being killed off by the police.


13th FloorEdit



  • Manilyn Reynes as Jean
  • Keempee De Leon as Cesar
  • Quintin Alianza as Jimmy
  • Empress Schuck as Nina
  • Mico Palanca as Rico
  • Cass Ponti as Steph
  • Ehra Madrigal as Jenny
  • Dino Imperial as Rocky
  • Eugene Domingo as Lita
  • Ic Mendoza as Ojie 
  • Charles Christianson as Don

Movie MistakeEdit

  • Before The Janitor clean all the mess around the train station, He stops. The director say lights camera and action! before he cleans the mess. The voice of director was cut.


  • The Episode "Yaya" was a remake from the 3rd Installment episode "Yaya".
  • This is the 5th film to be included a child wonder.
  • This is Nash Aguas first SRR film.
  • Manilyn Reynes returns in the franchise.
  • Producer Roselle Monteverde-Teo hired director Topel Lee to do the movie after she saw Dilim.e title
  • This is the 1st film that the movie's number is not roman numeral.
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