Shake Rattle and Roll 11
Directed by
  • Jessell Monteverde
  • Rico Gutierrez

Don Michael Perez

Distributed by

Regal Films

Released Date December 25 2009

Shake, Rattle & Roll 11 (stylized, Shake, Rattle & Ro11) is a 2009 Filpino psychological horror suspense film in three acts from Regal Films. It is the eleventh installment of Shake, Rattle & Roll film series. It was also distributed by the Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Regal Multimedia, Inc. It was an official entry in the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival. The film received the Festival Award for the Best Make-up.[2]



Claire (Maja Salvador), an unfaithful and troubled intern doctor was assigned to treat a young girl with a deadly flu virus. Upon entering the room, the girl mistreats Claire when she tries to treat her. Before leaving, the girl begs Claire that she needs a priest to cure her and revealing that the girl was possessed by a demon. The girl begins to attack Claire, but she attempts to escape and helplessly watches the girl fell out of the hospital to her death before she shifts her face to Claire's.

Claire live an unhappy life after her family were murdered by thieves and lives with her religious aunt Beth. Before she take some sleep, She began to remember her family and suffer a nightmare of the girl patient. The next morning she began to act strange and seeing visions before she watch Ronnie (Mark Anthony Fernandez), Claire's former boyfriend who is now a priest, doing mass. She even tries to convince her boyfriend Jake on her story before she mistreats him. Later before Jake leaves, he accidentally hits a girl but turns out to be the girl patient and kills Jake.

Dr. Yulo visits Beth and explains on Claire's condition. Beth explains to her on Claire's behavior and attitude as Dr. Yulo assures that she was emotionally repressed. When Dr. Yulo enters her room and explains to Claire on her behavior, She lost control of herself that she was posessed by a Diablo and attacks Dr. Yulo but escapes as Beth watches in horror. Beth calls for Ronnie with Fr. Paul to have an exorcism for Claire before the entrance was blocked by a large mound of catholic statues.

Before arriving at the house, they are attacked by a possessed Claire but Fr. Paul manage to preach the prayers before Claire collapses. Ronnie began to exorcise the demon on Claire's body, but failed on his attempts. The demonized Claire attacks Ronnie but he manage to save himself. The Diablo begins insulting him on his relationship with Claire but Ronnie began to tell Claire to fight herself. Claire manage to save herself from the demon and begs Ronnie to save her. The Diablo began to release from Claire until shards of wood and glass fly towards Ronnie, receiving his stigmata. The Diablo vanishes from Claire but Ronnie dies from his injuries as Claire mourns to his death.

Claire became heartbroken & guilty after Ronnie is gone and thus changing her life. Later, Claire is now a doctor and begins treating a little girl. The little girl's father appears whom Claire saw Ronnie's ghost as she screams.


Kayla (Ruffa Gutierrez) plans on her engagement with Harold (Zoren Legaspi). While driving with her friend and fashion designer Basty (John Lapus), Kayla almost run over a woman. When they get out of the car, they find the woman gone and left a wedding veil before they leave. As she visits a local boutique, she find a secondhand wedding gown and decide to bought it. When finding it damaged, she requested Basty to fix it. Before preparing to fix it, the gown spring to life and kills a seamstress. While Kayla and Harold had their dinner at a restaurant, she saw an old man (Miguel Faustman) watching her before he left. Later, Kayla begins suffering nightmares of a ghost and an old house. The next day while preparing to fix it, the gown attack and kills Basty.

After the gown was delivered, Kayla started her nightmares again. When hearing Basty's death, the old man from the restaurant warns Kayla to stop the wedding but she distrusts him. After Kayla noticed the gown and decides to return it to the store, she became suspicious on the gown that killed Basty and to her nightmares earlier. Harold disbelieve it and decides to sleep with Kayla. At night, the gown came back and attack Harold & Kayla, but they manage to burn it.

When searching for a church, Kayla noticed the same house from her dream and decides to go inside with Harold. She noticed the woman wearing the same gown in the painting. Before they leave, the old man appear to them. Kayla tells the old man on the happening. The old man tells her the story that the gown was formerly owned by Lucia (Megan Young). At her wedding, when Lucia was waiting for Joaquin, she realized that he married another woman and Lucia was left heartbroken. Out of anger, she killed Joaquin's bride and attempts to kill Joaquin but he accidentally stabs her. Before dying, she cursed herself and her gown that she will kill any woman that was related to Joaquin's bloodline. Joaquin stops loving women but has a relationship with a lady named Juanita. Before they end their relationship, Juanita give birth to a boy who is Kayla's father. The old man reveals to be Joaquin and he reveals to be Kayla's grandfather. Kayla was the first woman that was related to Joaquin's bloodline. Joaquin urges her to stop the wedding because the curse will never stop.

When designing a new wedding gown, Kayla became suspicious on her new gown, thinking it was the same one that will kill her but changed her mind and decides to wear it. During their wedding, Lucia possesses Kayla and attempts to kill Harold but Joaquin arrive at the church and begs her to take him instead. Lucia kills Joaquin and takes his soul and herself to the afterlife.

The wedding continued and Kayla was engaged to Harold. As the guests clap for Kayla and Harold, the gown appear to them revealing that the curse will never stop.


Sheila (Jennica Garcia) was interrogated by a policeman (Archi Adamos) and a social worker (Julia Clarete) on the incident at the forest. The policeman mistreats her on the incident but the social worker explains to her on what happend.

She and her mean boyfriend Ryan (Mart Escudero), her best friend Chari (Bangs Garcia) and their friend Archie (Rayver Cruz) are on their way to the forest on camping with their friend Lia (Iya Villania) and troublesome twins Kiko (Felix Roco) & Pong (Dominic Roco). The twins cause trouble in the forest which destroys the anthills much to Lia's disliking. As the friends were sleeping, When Kiko begins strolling at night in the forest, he is captured by a figure. The next morning, they witnessed that he is missing and decide to look for him. Lia tries to warn Pong and his brother about the creatures who live in the anthills, they get mad when their homes were destroyed and began to kill them. Archie, Lia and Pong hears Kiko's voice in a cave. They decide to leave but Pong won't leave without his brother as Lia and Archie leave Pong behind. Chari was separated from her friends where she was chased by a figure. She gets lost and attempts to run but she fell on the mud. When Chari attempts to get up, a creature attacks and kills her. After Sheila and Ryan find her mutilated body, They attempt to escape and met with Lia and Archie. After a brief fight, Sheila was devastated when she was cheated by Ryan with Lia. Sheila run away from them with Archie following. They find Pong and enter the cave where they find Kiko who begins telling them the truth that they will be killed by a creature who reveals to be a "Lamanglupa" and they will breed their children at birth in humans. After Kiko dies, The lamanglupa appears and kills Pong as Archie fights the lamanglupa before he and Sheila escape. Afters being separated from Sheila and Archie, The lamanglupa kills Ryan and Lia attempts to escape but the lamanglupa catches and devours her. Archie is killed, urging Sheila to escape. Before Sheila gets the car keys and began to leave, the two lamanglupa attack her but Sheila manage to fend them off and escape before she reaches to the police earlier.

None of them don't believe her story and the policeman assures that she killed her friends. As she remains unresponsive, Sheila scream in pain, collapses on the floor and dies. When the policeman look at her body, a creature emerges out of her stomach, revealing she give birth to a lamang lupa.


Ang DiabloEdit

Voice Dubbers of Possesed ClaireEdit

  • Eugene Domingo
  • Pen Medina
  • Andoy Ranay


Lamang LupaEdit


  • This is the 1st film to be included a Demon.
  • In the end of "Diablo" Janice De Belen made an appearance. As you can see she was experiencing heat so her character must put her body near the refrigerator to cool-off, Funny thing is In the "Pridyider" episode on SRR 1 Virgie portrayed by Janice De Belen did the same thing to add comedy in the film and to remember her character in SRR 1.
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