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Featured Character

Jennifer is a neglected child from "Ang Telebisyon". She is the victim of Mr Boo's kidnapping.

Featured Episode

Aswang from Shake Rattle and Roll 2
A barkada spend an outing in a faraway province whose inhabitants are all vampire. Ana Roces plays the host as she tricks her best friend Portia (Manilyn Reynes) because on their fiesta, townfolks must eat a virgin for their celebration to be completed. Will Portia escape before she gets consumed by the townfolks?

Random Quote

"Come here Jenny....Come here"
-Mr. Boo


  • Shake Rattle and Roll returns this year.

Featured Image

Rare image during the shooting of Manananggal episode of Shake Rattle and Roll.
Courtesy of Uro Dela Cruz.


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