Portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo

Deceased (Reincarnated)


Parola (Shake Rattle And Roll 13)

Lucy was the character in the episode Parola in Shake Rattle and Roll 13. She and her whole class travelled to Calatagan,Batangas for a field trip or either a retreat.They were already warned not to go inside the lighthouse due to the two witches that came in the year 1879.She is the ex-girlfriend of Bryan.She was jealous on seeing her ex boyfriend and her ex-bestfriend cuddling and on bryan comforting shane.After she saw them she and shane talked to each other and gave each other a spicy sentence.She and lucy once again fought at shane's house after shane stabbed Lucy by not using her hands but using her powers Shane got from rowana she overpowered lucy and Cornerlia's powers Shane tried to kill Lucy by throwing a big rock at her,But even before she tried to do it Lucy's Mother came to her aid and hit Shane with a thick stick and made her injure severely. So after they fought they transported to the lighthouse where it all began lucy made shane's nose to bleed and make her vomit frogs after that they went on the other side of the lighthouse but they revive from the spirit of the two witches and after apologizing a big explosion hit the lighthouse and made the two girls fall from the lighthouse and died.

The next six months, she was reincarnated with Shane as babies in Beth's womb