Shake Rattle and Roll 12, Episode 2


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Isla (known as Isla Engkanto) is the 2nd Episode Of SRR 12.


Three young female tourists and their companion set afoot on a secluded island from the outside for a vacation. With no ways of communication or escape but through the boat, they have unknowingly landed on the lair of an "Engkanto", who commandeers a group of evil fairies called the "Lambana". To make matters worse, the Engkanto has set its eyes on one of the girls, Andrea (Andi Eigenmann). She along with Ray (Rayver Cruz) young Ray (CJ Navato), Malay (John Lapus), Belle(Regine Angeles), Ces(Kristel Moreno) and Aira(Niña Jose) must struggle together to escape from the Engkanto's and the Lambana's clutches.