Biographical Information
Status: Unknown
Occupation: Doctor
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Age: 20s
Show Information
Portrayed by: Maja Salvador
Episode: Diablo
Film: Shake Rattle and Roll 11
Claire was the character in the episode Diablo in Shake Rattle and Roll 11. She is an intern doctor who lost her faith to God when God took his family at her young age. Claire was a happy and faithful girl when she was young. But she lost her faith to God.Claire now lives with her Auntie.Everything started when she was assigned to take care of a girl known to have a Microbe (Microbio) Disease but the child's real disease is not even a disease but she was possesed by the diablo and she passed the diablo to Claire and when Claire went home she felt strange things happening to her so her auntie consulted a Physciatrist to help her but it wasn't really a Physciatrist she need but a Priest after many days Her auntie called Father Ronnie to remove the dirty and foul spirit out of her body after many minutes the diablo has been remove from Claire but their windows broke and flew into Father Ronnie's hands immitating the formation of The Cruxifix.But said by the fans that the diablo is still with Claire and she was not able to escape.