Portrayed by Bugoy Carino
  • Isay(mother)
  • Allan(stepfather)
  • Pey(foster uncle)



Tamawo (Shake Rattle And Roll 13)

Bikbok is the stepson of Allan. He is a brave lad who protected his family from the tamawos he sacrificed his life to the tamawos for his stepfather's actions to the tamawos

Early LifeEdit

Bikbok was born in Manila,Philippines instead in Krisostomo City he was the son of Isay (his real father was not shown in the movie) His real Father left them when Isay was blinded so when Allan met Isay he decided to marry Isay and go to Kristosomo City the place has no building but has the beauty of nature, They rode in Carabao and Pey (Allan's Cousin) was the one who controlls the carabao. When they got out of the carabao it was night time While Isay is washing Bikbok and Pey and Allan talking the Ranch Owner (Rez Cortez) was telling them to secure their house to avoid incidents that happened to Allan's Uncle when the ranch owner got out, Bikbok tried to convince his Father to go out and look around the nature. But his father said no and scolded him. After he got scolded Bok went out and saw Creatures sending them some sort of leaves that causes ailments. After the night their Baby was sick so they get to the nearest herbal healer "Aling Epang" was the nearest Herbal Healer so she said that don't remove the pandan leaves. After that whil bikbok is filling water he saw sparkling things and it distracted bikbok so he followed it and found a beautiful place but he saw some creatures and this creatures saw bikbok so they followed bikbok while bikbok was catched the tamawos warned them to give back what they took. After that the Tamawos caught and killed pey. So after they killed pey they went to the house of allan throwing rocks filled with bugs bikbok attempt to call his mother and father while allan was busy the bugs bitten the foot of allan while they waited for the morning to come and go to Aling Epang and treat his foot after they treat his foot, Allan decided to stop relying on Epang but to rely on the Medical Center after allan went to the center he went looking for pey and found his body dead and brought his body to the Municipal Hall. He went home angry and sad while he was angry he told to Bok to get his slippers. While finding his slippers he found an egg and a tamawo inside so after the next day he decided to get the egg and give it when Allan went home knowing he got fired Bok had to hide the egg quickly and give it to them so the tamawos would not disturb them but before he could do that Allan went shouting asking "Asan ang Gamit ko!" (Where is my stuff) So he got mad and attacked bok but isay went to his aid and after that he went to the lair where the tamawos live but allan went there and destroyed the egg the tamawos got angry so they killed allan after that they decide to kill isay to but before they could do it bok offered his life instead of killing isay