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Aquarium is the 2nd Episode of SRR 7.

Janice (Ara Mina) and Benjie (Ogie Alcasid) along with their only son (Paul Salas) transfer into a cozy condominium with an antique and eerie-looking aquarium. Soon, this aquarium kills everyone who came near it. Can the couple stop the terror of the aquarium?


  • Aquarium is similar to Pridyider (episode).
  • cinema one shake rattle and roll aquarium
  • Magnolia Cheese Food Baon mo pagmamahal ko
  • 24Oras: Customer, patay nang uminom ng milk tea; pati may-ari na tumikim nito, nasawi rin
  • On March 5, 2017, Xia Vigor could not perform on the show because of sickness and was announced to impersonated artist Jennifer Lopez on Week 10 instead.
  • Xia Vigor could not perform as Jennifer Lopez because of sickness
  • Florida passed away due to her cancer.
  • Beth's soul is roaming while she's in the hospital.
  • Froilan Canlas is still Tawag ng Tanghalan's defending champion.