Portrayed by Chuck Perez
  • Unnamed Girlfriend (Deseased)



Impakto (Shake Rattle And Roll Shake Rattle And Roll 5 )

Andres is the main antagonist of "Impakto" from Shake Rattle and Roll 5.


Andres appears as a tall, handsome good-looking guy who has a girlfriend. They've been in the mall after watching a movie. Lizbeth reveals she had a crush on him, whom Charlie has ruined because of distaste towards him till they were kidnapped and be taken to unknown to the kidnappers and to the siblings is actually his place. He and his girlfriend have gone to an old hotel, whom unknown to her is really his home and not known that he is not a human being, he is an Impakto and was surprised and killed her in his home for food.


In the latter part of the episode, he eats his girlfriend because he is hungry.

At the end, he was killed by Lizbeth and Charlie with the help from Mang Pido, an old stranger who also lives at that place. Athough for unkown reasons, he is still alive and looks at the camera with an evil smile.


  • Ironically after he was killed, he is still alive, for unknown reasons he may be immortal or just his soul.